28.5 prostock 2 bolt hwad kit

£ 85,00
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This 28.5cc big bore kit has been race ported by us for the best performance possible. The intake, exhaust, and transfer ported have been enlarged and reshaped for maximum performance.

This big bore kit fits the following:

Motors: G230RC, G260RC, St23rc, St27rc, He23hp, He26hp.

Off-road Rc Cars:HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC, FG Marder,FG Marder Race,FG Monster Beetle,FG Monster Beetle Pro,FG MT5,FG Stadium Truck, Duratrax Firehammer, Carson Attack, Smartech Travel,ler,FG Leopard, XTM
Leopard Race,FG Leopard STX,FG Marder Beetle,FG Pajero, And most other large scale cars

On-road Rc Cars: FG Evo-4,FG Sportline, HARM,FG F-1 Competition, And most other large scale on-road cars.