Introducing the OBR 35.7cc Magnum engine, a game-changer in the world of RC Car and Goped engines!

It's been a long road with this engine and after several years of development it's finally here! It's taken longer than expected but we wanted to make sure it was absolutely perfect before it made it to the public. Knowingly sending out engines with issues to customers and letting them deal with failures on their dime isn't our style. Lets just say there will not be a V2 of this engine coming anytime soon. 

We are no longer posting HP numbers because of the controversy and the raw power/performance speaks for itself. Compared to a signature series 34cc reed you can expect about 20% more power. We did not release this engine until we felt there was enough of a power difference to justify the difference in cost and offering another engine. All of our porting is done in-house on our CNC mill and hand finished. Final prep and assembly is done by our master tech's with over 50 years combined experience.

The highlight of this engine is a USA made full billet stroker crankshaft and long rod. We're proud to be the first to offer a crankshaft rivaling in quality/materials to 1:1 racing applications. Cranks are CNC turned and milled from S7 shock resistant tool steel in Michigan by Turtle Racing. We opted for the smaller G290 sized lower connecting rod bearing because we've seen less wear and issues with the smaller bearing. 

All of our billet case engines are USA made by Turtle Racing as well from 6061aircraft grade billet aluminum. Besides the anodizing we've completely revamped our reed case. Between dyno and flow bench testing we were able to significantly increase velocity to the point of being able to stuff in our 46/47cc reed valve. They will come standard with a WT reed valve and there will be an optional reed for the larger HDA-223, HDA-48, WJ-71 etc

See the promo video here!

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Coming soon! 35.7 CC Magnum

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