• 7.7hp Full Mod Zenoah G320RC 31.8cc Engine billet  crankcase

We're proud to announce the release of our full mod G320RC 31.8cc engine. We're very happy with the changes that Zenoah has made and it's turning out to be a great engine. Engine is fully modified just like our normal full mods. Being the transfer ports are enclosed we can't modify them quite the same but they are modified. Intake and exhaust ports are modified to our specs as well as the durations. Just like a 30.5cc we cut the combustion chamber and reshape for more power. Engine is complete with the option to add/remove carb and clutch. Just bolt on your exhaust and filter and it's ready to run. 

G320RC has the following improvements over the G290RC
Larger crankcase bearings
Larger lower connecting rod bearing
Larger needle bearing
Enclosed transfer ports with removal plate
New carb

Parts that are different and not compatible with our current engines are:
Piston Pin, Bearing, Washers
Crankcase Bearings
Outer Clutch Case
Engine Cover (shroud)
Crankcase Gasket
Insulator Gasket
Cylinder Gasket
Piston Pin, C-Clips, Washers, Bearing, etc
Insulator Manifold
Large Oil Seal

This now does not come with clutch or carb, this can be added here

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7.7hp Full Mod Zenoah G320RC 31.8cc Engine billet crankcase

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